Sageo handcrafted with traditional Japanese techniques.

Custom made from pure silk, hand dyed, designed to your specifications.

Due to the number of orders in the backlog, the waiting time is currently at 20 months. GET ON THE WAITING LIST NOW!

sageo silk marudai karakumi iaido katana koshirae


simple and elegant
2800 SEK
sageo silk takadai sasanami iaido katana koshirae


it's to dye for!
3000 SEK
sageo silk takadai nimai korai ayagaki iaido katana koshirae maple ginko gingko


starting from 4000 SEK

My name is Sida Yin and I am a designer living in Stockholm. In 2015 I discovered my passion for making Japanese cords (kumihimo). Combined with my interest in iaido, I started to make sageo, cords which are used for the Japanese sword. My goal is to produce custom designed, modern sageo with traditional Japanese kumihimo techniques.

The traditional Japanese wooden stands (dai) that I use for my sageo include the round stand (marudai) and the tall stand (takadai). The marudai is a donut shaped stool, used for vertical braiding. The takadai, on the other hand, is more like a loom that you weave the cords.

I use pure silk, and hand dye the threads my self as much as possible. I also love to make staged-dye silk , which is known as danzome silk. Danzome silk can be unpredictive when braided and it  can produce a gradient-fade or a pixellated effect in the sageo.

The styles of my sageo vary from subtle textures produced by the structure of the braid it self, to simple repetitive shapes, to more complex motifs. I try to capture the Japanese essence of striving for perfection through repetition. And while trying to fulfil your specifications, I always bring my personal aesthetic and touch to the table.

All my sageo are handcrafted, which means that each one is unique.